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Adam Clark is a Solutions Architect and Team Lead for Service Management at Xenit, a technology company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, focusing on digital transformation.

During Adams workday, he is helping to develop and implement the latest technologies from primarily Citrix and Microsoft to deliver the best EUC experience possible to its customers as modern services, preferably in a modern DevOps approach. Adam is working together with a fantastic team of colleagues to create, design, develop, and deliver services to customers all over the world.

With his background as the world's youngest CCIA, Adam is now collaborating with Citrix to create the latest CCE-V exams and new Citrix Cloud features, while also providing feedback on Citrix products to make them even better. Thanks to his efforts over the years he was awarded the Citrix Technology Professional title in 2022. Adam is also a Citrix Partner Advocate and been that since 2018.

Adam is a former Citrix Technology Advocate (2019-2022) which was converted to his current Citrix Technology Professional award.

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